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The way in which Chris Pratt Uses a Beautyblender Is So Funny It Affects

Let’s get one thing straight: Chris Pratt is a literal angel sent from above to make us chuckle, sigh, and smile like it’s Taco Tuesday daily. His comedic brilliance knows no bounds: From skillfully trolling Jennifer Lawrence to performing magic on talk shows , Pratt knows how to maintain us entertained and, frankly, thirsty.

And now he’s at it again. The Guardians of the Galaxy ~hUnk~ (I find the word “hunk” hilarious and like to use it ironically) uploaded a video of himself getting his makeup performed while on a press tour for his new movie, Passengers . However , Pratt basically cool with just sitting back and letting a make-up artist take the reigns. Nope. This versatile actor wants to take matters into his own hands by incessantly bopping his head as his hairstylist, Bridget Brager , holds a makeup cloth or sponge in place— essentially doing the glam himself. If that’s not really a revolutionary way to use a sponge, then what the hell can be?

“When I got delirious on these types of press tours I like to do my own makeup by having @bridgetbragerhair hold the makeup sponge and I dance my face quite, ” Pratt wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to @theweeknd for writing this song which if I tweak the lyrics to these songs a little bit allows me to pretend it’s about #starlord #passengersmovie. ” See the adorable video for yourself, below. As though we all needed another reason to be hopelessly in love with Chris Pratt.

This also isn’t Pratt’s first time at the beauty rodeo. In fact , his glam video game is better than all of ours. He is an expert at braiding his wife Anna Faris’ tresses ; he also knows his way around a sheet mask . A man right after our own hearts, to be honest.

He’s the wonder icon we didn’t know we needed— and definitely don’t deserve. Swoon.

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