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The way to Clean Makeup Brushes? Follow These Simple And Affordable Methods

We’ ve talked about the importance making use of proper tools and proper product on your face, today it’ s time to talk about how to clean makeup brushes, because that’ s important too.

Fool-proof Ways On How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How to clean makeup brushes is quite easy, in fact it’ s pretty easy that people don’ t really focus on it, however , it’ s as important as the items you use, after all these are the tools of the trade and understanding how to properly clean and sanitize them will give your brush a lengthier existence span. It’ s also making sure you’ re making use of clean tools sans bacteria the next time you decide to cop Gigi Hadid’ s make-up look .

When To Clean Makeup Brushes

When To Clean Makeup Brushes | How To Clean Make-up Brushes? Follow These Simple And Affordable Ways
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I provide my personal makeup brushes a thorough bath once a month and that’ s because I don’ t use it heavily. I absolutely only use my fingers on myself and I also utilize a brush cleaning agent after every use. For more heavy customers, as in every day full face, a good cleaning every a couple weeks is my personal recommendation.

My professional make-up brushes though are cleaned more often, every after every face that I do, they are cleaned to prevent cross contaminants to other clients especially in cases of acne.

What Tools To Use

What Tools To Use | The right way to Clean Makeup Brushes? Follow These Simple And Affordable Ways
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I recommend a silicone cleaning pad, you don’ t have to get the expensive ones, there are kitchen cleansing pads or cooking gloves that have similar grooves and are also half the price of the branded ones.

You can even altogether skip that and just do it the good old way, scrubbing up and fumbling the bristles with your hands. It works as well.

What Cleaning Agent To Use

What Cleaning Agent To make use of | How To Clean Makeup Brushes? Follow These Guaranteed Affordable Ways
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I recommend Dr . Bronner’ s Castille Soap, I know there are other clean cleaning soaps out there but this one is really effective within taking out the residue, it’ s also biodegradable plus organic!

Some people also use baby hair shampoo to clean their makeup brushes because they are gentler and have much less harmful chemicals on them, you have to treat it like your hair, will you subject your hair to harsh cleaning chemicals? In that lighting, you can also use a conditioning oil like olive oil or coconut oil to seal in the moisture of your brush, I discover this really takes care of natural bristled brushes.

How To Clean Makeup Brushes

There are a lot innovative brush cleaning hacks online like this one:

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In the long run, it’ s quite basic really and it’ s pretty much how everybody else does it, except that I don’ t dry my brushes upside down because I personally think the capillary action from the water will go up the bristles to the ferrules that way, therefore after I dry the brushes with a towel, and allow it to stand as usual.


Check out this video by Eimer McElheron as the girl shows you how to clean makeup brushes:

Always disinfect your brushes with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol after to make sure you’ ve killed any bacteria. Remember good skincare starts through clean skin, therefore knowing how to clean makeup brushes is really a must.

Do you have any tips you can include on how to clean makeup brushes? Let us know in the comments area below; also  speaking of makeup brushes, here’ s the good brush tutorial for beginners.

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