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The way to Perfectly Match Your Hairstyle & Dress

Months may change and fashion trends may evolve, but there’ s one thing that remains constant– hairstyle. The best in support of way for you to look your best every single time is to know the trick showing how to match hair and dresses the right way. Once you know the methods, you’ ll never leave home feeling less confident regarding your look.

And if this is going to make you feel much better, the tricks don’ t change. Whether you are 18, thirty, or 45, the same trick applies.

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The best way to Match Your Hairstyle & Outfit

What exactly are we still waiting for? Let’ s learn the older tricks in the style book so you’ ll appear fabulous on your next day out:

Dress very first, Hair second

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If you have a party, date or formal event coming up, the very first thing to do is to find your dress. Don’ t end up being fixated on what hair you want to wear, the dress should arrive first. Once you have a outfit in mind and one that flatters your body, now you can start picking the hairstyle that you’ ll put on.

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Dress loud, Hair easy

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When it comes to matching the dress and the locks, the key word to remember here is balance. If your dress provides intricate details , stay with a simple hairstyle. On the other hand, if the dress is simple , go for a more elaborate hair.

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Remember that your dress may be the show-stopper, not the hair. The hair is merely an accessory, similar to the jewelry you wear or the bag you carry. The particular features of the dress should be highlighted and the hair should be a lot more subtle. But if you plan to wear a plain sweetheart princess dress, you can always use full bouncy locks to give your look a little oomph.

image via  Bridal Guideline

Dress high, Hair high

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Another basis on how to choose your hair is the neckline of the clothing or dress you are putting on. If your dress has a high neckline, you are better off putting on an updo. However , if the dress has a low-cut around the front or the back, you have the option to wear an updo or keep hair loose.

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The thing is, are you wearing a low-cut gown because you want to show off what you have? Or you simply such as how it fits you? If you want to show off, then put on an updo, so that hair doesn’ t get in the way of no matter what it is you are accentuating. Now if you simply like the dress, putting on your hair loose will calm down the sexiness of the outfit. Your choice.

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What about the strapless or tube outfit ? This is also a case-to-case basis. Strapless dresses are usually perfect to highlight statement necklaces and if this is what you’ re going for, pull your hair back or do a good updo. However , if you don’ t like to bare excessive skin, wearing hair down is the best choice. It makes the whole look softer.

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For off-shoulder dresses, which is what I call halfway up and midway down, the best hairstyle would be the half and half as well. Half of the hair is up and half of the hair is reduce.

image via  Wedding Guide

Other Tips

A week before the event, wear the dress and wear the head of hair you like. Take photos of yourself and see how you’ ll look. This way, you can also practice how to do your personal hair without spending a lot of time during the event day itself.

Oh, and one more important thing, the most important thing to wear will be your confidence. You must be confident in the dress you’ lso are wearing and the hairstyle you picked.

To become confident, you must be comfortable. So even if there’ ersus a huge fashion trend going around lately, if you’ lso are not comfortable wearing that, don’ t force it. Stay with what looks good on you and what feels good. On the party, date or a formal event, you’ ll end up being rocking it effortlessly!


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