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These Instagram Geode Lips are Absolutely Mesmerizing

What do you know about geodes? They’re a great giftm-store get at natural history museums. Sliced thinly, they make for a mean coaster. Glued on unfashionable kitchen shoes, they’re instantly chic. And they are probably something one of your mom’s friends is really into for their healing properties, although you’ve never really pushed her on the issue. Today, there are many ways people are incorporating stones into their looks, lives and routines: from minimalist jewelry to cosmetic infusions, it seems like everyone, and not just the fringe/hippie set, is getting on board. Most recently, “crystal lips,” have been making the rounds on Instagram. Essentially, some very skilled makeup artists are replicating geodes on human lips, and the result is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Beauty bloggers and makeup artists use clear glitter matted over milky white and amethyst colored lipsticks like

to create a crystallized appearance, before outlining the lip with either a shiny gold or a darker, more contrasting tone. Others are designing their lips with stone-inspired designs, painting on a blend of coordinating lip colors and then glossing them over wi to give the appearance of a smooth, clean rock.

“Crystals are just making their way back around into society, but they are ancient,” Audrey Kitching, the founder and CEO of Crystal Cactus told Allure back in June. She went onto explain that they have been known as “a conduit for healing” all the way back to ancient Egypt, and that as every living thing on Earth has a unique energy field, crystals in particular assist the body in moving helpful energy through and “negative, toxic, disease-causing” energy out.

Whether you’re using them as a catalyst for your spiritual awakening or just an accessory for the season, one thing’s for sure: geodes are stone cold cool.

Here’s how you can do an entire makeup look with just one tube of lipstick.

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