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This particular Broken Nail Hack Video Has Over 27 Mil Views

When it comes to beauty mishaps there are two items that really strike a chord with me. One: When my personal favorite highlighter compact drops and crumbles to pieces (talk about heart-breaking). Two: A broken nail. Although We tend to keep my nails fairly short, nothing is a lot more frustrating than a huge crack on a nail days following a fresh mani. So far at Appeal we’ve managed to find a genius trick which will bring any destroyed small back to life , but now there’s a brilliant beauty hack video capturing the internet which might be the answer to my nail prayers.

As seen on HelloGiggles , Revelist’s Facebook page Eyeliner Addicts published a video which reveals an easy way to fix a damaged nail. Surprisingly enough, the main product behind this crack is a common household product most of us have in our homes: a tea handbag.

In the broken nail hack movie the demonstrator cuts a small strip of an unused teas bag, appropriately sized to fit on the nail. She after that paints the broken nail with a regular base coating and applies the tea bag strip onto the particular nail while it’s still wet. While, the green tea bag won’t magically fix your nail, the papers strip acts as an adhesive. just think of it as a bandage holding your nail together. Once dried, she does apply another coat of the base polish onto the toenail. After this step, she then files off the excess papers and buffs the nail. Finally, she applies the coat of color onto the nail and all indications of the broken nail are gone. Pretty, genius.

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Just how long does this broken nail hack last? I’m not really exactly sure, but it does appear to be a great way to hold a person off until your next nail appointment. We haven’t with all this intriguing hack a try at Draw , but I’ve already engraved the process into the mind for the next time my nail decides to give from me. Take a look at the entire process below.

Here are a few fun nail art ideas pertaining to short nails:

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