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This particular Teenager& #039; s Art-Inspired Makeup Looks Are Huge Cool

When I was a teenager, my version associated with makeup involved raccoon eyeliner and frosted lip shine. Oh, how the times have changed: Teens today are usually arguably better at makeup than some adults— call it up the ” Kylie Effect . ” But one teenager’s insane makeup skills be noticeable above the rest— and she’s going viral due to it.

Stefania Atupe, 16, can be famous on Instagram for her art-inspired makeup. Instead of putting on embarrassing frosted lip shine and unflattering blue eye shadow such as teenagers of the past, Atupe transforms her face in to a literal art canvas, creating masterpieces on her lids making use of cosmetics.

According to cosmopolitan. com , Atupe’s foray into art-inspired makeup started just about a week ago, after she tried to reconstruct an animal-inspired look on her lids— and succeeded. The lady took it to the next level and moved on to well-known art pieces, creating double tap-worthy eye shadow masterpieces.

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“When I posted [my] peacock design onto Twitter, a girl actually messaged me personally and said that it reminded her of a Van Gogh piece, and since I absolutely love Van Gogh, I actually decided I would try out ‘Starry Night, ‘” she informed cosmopolitan. com. “I then just sat down plus spent a good hour-and-a-half just recreating the look, slowly setting out it and developing the colors! ”

Time and effort paid off: Atupe now has nearly 2, 800 supporters on Instagram who tune in to gawk at her insane abilities with a makeup brush. And that’s only in a little more than a week.

Check out some of Atupe’s best pieces below.

Pretty awesome, right? Make sure to follow her upon Instagram for more.

Right now, watch the complete evolution of eye shadow in under 3 minutes:

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