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This particular Two-Step Homemade Lip Scrub is the Perfect DIY Vacation Gift!

The holiday season is here now! What better time to try your hand at this DIY vacation gift? In just two simple steps, you can make an all-natural home made lip scrub that will keep your lips feeling soft and smooth. Observe how it’ s done in the post below!

Say goodbye to expensive store-bought products, and say hello for your new favorite homemade lip scrub! This is a fantastic  DIY  for beauty  gurus on a budget  – and exactly who doesn’ t love a homemade holiday gift? Create a batch of this homemade scrub, then scoop this into a few lip product containers for a quick and easy stocking stuffer! This particular scrub is the perfect gift for your friends and family – specifically those who prefer all-natural beauty items to store-bought ones.

The particular chilly winter season is upon us, which means it’ ersus more important than ever to protect your skin from the harsh weather. I’ m obsessed with all-natural beauty products (especially ones that are made with sugar! ), therefore i thought I’ d give this fun homemade lips scrub a try. It’ s totally easy to make, also it really works! Simply pour  these all-natural ingredients in a huge bowl, stir it thoroughly, then scoop it right into a container! I used small lip balm containers to ensure that I could give one to each of my friends for Christmas, you could totally feel free to keep yours all to yourself. 😉

My homemade lip scrub recipe contains brown sugar, honey, coconut oil and cinnamon – these ingredients are totally natural and great for maintaining your skin soft and smooth. Plus, it tastes amazing! Check out the guide below to see how I made mine, and don’ big t forget to leave your own beauty DIYs in the comments!

Homemade lip scrub ingredients:

The first step : Pour and mix.

Mix all of your ingredients  together in a small bowl until you have a paste.

Step 2: Scoop  into a container.

Use a spatula to scoop  a little bit of your scrub into a small lips gloss container ( these types are perfect! ). When you’ lso are done, apply to lips with fingertips and massage into the lips. Rinse with warm water to reveal smooth, gentle lips!

Watch how it’ t done in the video below:

How do you feel about my homemade lip scrub?   Let me know in the opinion section below! And be sure to check out these other  amazing DIY beauty recipes !

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