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Top 10 MAC Makeup Tutorials

In the world of makeup, MAC is definitely a big player. It is loved by women around the world and why wouldn’t it be? It has a wide range of makeup products that match different skin tones and skin types, and they’re constantly setting the bar higher and higher in terms of lipstick and eyeshadow shades.

Whether this is your first time using MAC products or you know names and shades like the back of your hand, our roundup of the top 15 MAC makeup tutorials will help you out and inspire you to create new, exciting looks!

If you’re ready to dive into the world of makeup, let’s get started:

1. MAC Starter Kit

For beginners, entering the world of MAC can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many foundation shades, lipstick and eyeshadow colors to choose from. It can really be a challenge choosing one but with the help of makeup guru MakeupByAlli on YouTube, you’ll know what the best products to start with. From foundation to lipsticks. Watch the full tutorial above!

2. MAC Must-Haves for Beginners

YouTube’s Shaaanxo is sharing her favorite MAC products with everyone. If you’re looking to try out new MAC products and add more to your makeup collection, this video tutorial is a must-see. Watch the video above!

3. Soft Contour & Smokey Eye for Dark Skin

If you have dark skin and want to learn more about how you can pull off a smokey eye look and contouring without making your face appear too dark, this tutorial from Sondrajdeluxe via YouTube is a big help.

4. Eid-al Adha Makeup

If you are planning to attend the Eil-al Adha, an Islamic festival for Muslims, then you should know how to apply the appropriate makeup for this religious event. MakeupbySahira teaches you the steps to achieving this look using a mix of MAC products and other brands of makeup. Watch the tutorial!

5. The Quick Brow from MAC

MAC Director of Artistry, Gregory Arlt, outlines the five steps to get the perfect brow with just a few strokes.

6. The Perfect Eyeliner from MAC

Now that you know how to do the quick brow, Gregory Arlt teaches the art of the simple and elegant eyeliner in just three steps. Perfect eyebrows + perfect eyeliner = Sexy eyes! Watch the short video here:

7. No Makeup Makeup by MAC

Want to learn the secret of the au natural look? MAC Senior Artist, Mickey Contractor, provides the three important steps to achieve the “No Makeup” makeup look. Watch the video here.

8. Cinderella-Inspired Princess Glam Makeup

Cinderella is one of the most beautiful and elegant Disney princesses. This is your chance to recreate the look. Carli Bybel via YouTube shares how she created the look using a mix of MAC Cosmetics and MAC’s Cinderella collection.

9. Flawless Skin In A Flash by MAC

If you’re spending 30 minutes on your face just to get that flawless finish, MAC is going to show you how to NOT do this. Just use a Beauty Balm, Concealer and Setting Powder and you’re ready to go! Watch the blending technique above!

10. Day to Night Makeup by MAC

Do you only have 10 minutes to do a day to night makeup transition? Don’t fret because MAC Senior Artist, Keri Blai’s makeup tutorial tells you that all you need is a pencil eyeliner and mascara to pull off the look.

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