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Trend Alert: Blush Draping Makeup Tutorial

Draping is officially the new cool trend in makeup. It popped up on the fashion runways a few months ago, and since then many makeup gurus have adopted the trend. Read on as we show you some great ways to try draping, plus tutorial!

Learn to Drape like a Pro

If you’ve never heard on this makeup trend before, dont worry too much, chances are you’ve probably seen it online, social media or even in a magazine and didn’t even realize.  Draping is like ‘blush on steroids’ it is a new contouring technique that can be achieved by using blush or pigment to sculpt your face from cheekbone to temple. 

The trend is also known as blush draping or blush bomb and can be achieved by blending two shades and using a brush to sweep the colors below the cheeks. The color can go from the tip of the chin to the cheeks over the temple and over the eyes in a half moon sort of shape. However, you can decide how little or how much color you want on the face;

Blush bomb from cheek to temple

Image via Pinterest

You’ll notice that in this instance a mixture of light pink shades were used to create a half moon effect with the blush going from cheek to temple.

blush bomb on cheeks

Image via Beautylicieuse

This look incorporated a mix of highly pigmented peachy and brown colors but the focus remains on the cheekbones.

 blush bomb from cheeks to eyelids

Image via Pinterest

Very light hues of pinks were used to achieve this look. A soft brush was used to spread the colors from the cheeks to the eyelids and even into the eyebrows!

Makeup Tutorial

JuliaCostanzo Shows us how to try out this trend, check out her easy-to-follow tutorial below!


Have you, or would you try this trend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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