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Tresses Products for GORGEOUS Locks

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It’ s no secret that many women would love to have that Pantene Pro-V, straight from a commercial type hair. Beautiful, healthy, and smooth. But let’ s be honest, we aren’ big t the nicest we should be to our hair sometimes. Through day-to-day styling, coloring, and bleaching, our hair becomes a bit more damaged, and a little less dreamy.

Although the abuse our hair endures is more long term than not, there ARE products on that can repair or even mask the damage. Here are a few of MY favorite products that have proved to be helpful in achieving gorgeous hair again:

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Pravana NEVO Intensive Therapy Leave-In Treatment This aqua blue bottle is a multi-purpose treatment that ANYBODY with ANY hair type can benefit from! It not only hydrates, but it detangles, repairs divided ends, defrizzes, equalizes porosity (your hair’ s absorption), protects from daily elements as well as heated styling equipment, gives shine, eliminates static electricity, soothes the scalp… I mean do I really need to keep going? What more could you ask for in a single product? I like to spray this treatment in after I bath and towel dry my hair. I mostly focus the product on the ends of my hair since that’ s my problem area, but its inteded for any part of your hair. To use, shake the product really good to mix the light azure and dark blue parts together and then spray till your hair feels nice and hydrated! By the way, it smells INCREDIBLE too.

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L’ Oreal Dual Stylers Sleek & Swing- This styling product is a lotion and gel duo that gives the hair natural movement plus controlled volume. The dual combo helps smooth the head of hair while giving it a natural swing & bounce. I’ lmost all add a dollop of this into my palm, mix this together, and apply it to the mid-shaft and ends associated with my hair before I blow-dry.


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Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray- Half dry hair shampoo, half texturizer, the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray is really a must have for anyone who wants great hair without the work! This delivers a winning formula that gives greasy hair a fresh taken out feel and fallen roots an instant lift! It sweeps in absorbing natural oils from the scalp and replaces this with a slightly rough, shaggy texture that you can do what you will along with. The best part is it leaves NO powdery residue or proof that you skipped a hair wash or two. Contemplate it your new best friend.


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IT Haircare 12-in-1 Amazing Serum- Infused with 12 spectacular oils, the Amazing Serum delivers shine, moisture, and then several! Its lightweight texture provides sleekness to your strands, allowing you to skip that oily, greasy feel most serums depart behind. This product includes Sunflower Seed Extract to thicken your locks, Abyssinian Oil which protects against severe heat, and Silk Amino Acids to repair and strengthen over-processed hair. Just a small drop will do, because a little bit will go a long way! I apply this after I blow-dry but it may also be applied to wet hair as well.


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Kenra Perfect Moderate Spray 13- As a correct Southern Gal, I believe that no hairstyle is really total without a quick veil of hairspray to complete the look. For this reason, I’ ve tried almost every hairspray under the sun plus nothing, I mean nothing, competes with the Kenra Hairspray within 13. Not only does this stuff smell AMAZING, but your locks will stay put without any stiffness. It has the perfect ratio which gives the hair a great hold but also allows the hair to maintain a few movement to it so you’ re not walking around along with hard helmet hair. It’ s all kinds of right with no kinds of wrong!

With a large number of hair products available today, these are just some favorites of my own. Although I personally recommend these items, there are so many similar products that will deliver the same results. Find what works for you, because beautiful hair shouldn’ t be hard to have.

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