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twenty-seven Short Hairstyles in 10 Minutes or Less

Short hair can be styled quickly and easily in a couple of minutes or less. This list of short hairstyles will give you main hairspiration every day of the year!

27 Brief Hairstyles in 10 Minutes or Less

In the event that you’ ve just cut your hair short and don’ t know how to style it, we have just the short hair styles tutorials for you! Our list of 27 short hairstyles will provide you with some quick and easy ideas on how to style your hair for any event in 10 minutes or less. When it comes to hairspiration, we’ ve got you covered. Save some time with these easy, beautiful short hair styles!

1 . The Tousled  Bob

How to perform Wavy Short Hair | Hairstyle Ideas by Make-up Tutorials at
Messy updo with tousled waves

image via   The Glamourai

Tips and advice to naturally condition and care for your hair.


Don't let yourself get caught short with dull colour and unruly hair.

Get ready for an attractive day with this simple tutorial on how to turn your brief bob into a head turning hairstyle. All you need is a curling iron !

2 . The Crown

Short Hair Tutorial with regard to Brown Hair | 2015 Hairstyles by Makeup Lessons at
Twist and turn hair for an unique design

image via  Mod Cloth

Turn  your short hair into a stylish crown in just 5 easy steps. Check out the full tutorial here .

3. Rocker Pixie

How to Do Rock and In a lather Short Hair | Short Dos by Makeup Lessons at
Ginnifer looks great with tousled pixie hair.

image via  Beauty Editor

Ginnifer  Goodwin loves sporting short hair (and rightly so as this looks great on her! ). In this picture, Ginnifer’ t haircut is a longer fringe with many layers. To reconstruct this look, all you need is a curly hair iron and some hairspray or gel.

4. Messy Top Knot

How to perform Messy Top Knot | Short Hair Styles by Make-up Tutorials at
The messy top knot is an easy updo for short hair.

image via  Natalia Simmons-Youtube

We love the messy top knot seem! It’ s simple and gives off an effortlessly cool feel. This look is intended for women with short to shoulder-length tresses. Check out how easy it is to master this look in this  tutorial .

5. Pinned Back Waves

Best Short Hair styles for Spring | Spring Looks by Makeup Lessons at
Pin back wavy hair for a cute spring seem.

image via  Kilee Nickels-YouTube

This particular short hairstyle is so cute and only takes 6 bobby pins as well as a curling iron! Learn how to do it  here .

6. Best Knot Updo With Wrap

How to perform Formal Updo With Short Hair | DIY Tresses by Makeup Tutorials at
Add something extra with an official updo by wrapping hair around your bun

image via  Style Craze

This brief top knot updo hairstyle is great for formal occasions. All you have to do is to make a tight top knot and cover the knot around with the last section of your hair. With regard to texture, cut the ends of the hair at an slanted shape.

7.   Classic Bob along with Blunt Bangs

How to Style Short Bob along with Bangs | Short Haircuts by Makeup Tutorials in
Straight-forward bangs look perfect on Katie Holmes who has the heart-shaped face.

image via  Fox Magazine

Call us biased, but this is one of our favorite hair styles (I definitely sported the short bob with straight-forward bangs look for 5 years). Our short hairstyles checklist just wouldn’ t have been complete without the classic frank. To get Katie Holmes’ hairstyle, all you need is a blow dryer plus 5 minutes. Pretty neat, right? This look is best for women along with heart-shaped faces.

8. The Fauxhawk

Julianne Hough Short Hair Fauxhawk | Short Tresses Ideas by Makeup Tutorials at
Julianne Hough always stones her short hair wherever and whenever.

image via  Babble

For the brave hearted short-haired gals in the world, this look is perfect for formal events (changing this self-destruction is fun! ). This updo with braids appears rocker-chic, yet feminine at the same time. Check out the tutorial  here .

nine. Layers with Scarf

Spring Short Hairstyles 2015 | Hairstyling Tricks by Makeup Tutorials at
Wear a scarf to get a cuter Spring look.

image via  Serendipitous Romance

Layered short hair is a favorite hair among many as layers can add different, unique measurements to a hairstyle. To change up the short, layered look, use a scarf as a headband to add some color for your outfit and definition to your layers.

ten. Headband Bouffant

How to Wear Headband with Brief Hair | Beauty Hacks by Makeup Tutorials in
Do a half up-half down bouffant

image via  Brit. co

This short hairstyle looks intricate and difficult, yet one peek at the  tutorial   and you’ ll find it’ s actually a breeze to master. Here’ s in order to difficult things made easy!

11. Straighten Up

How to Style Short Hair Everyday | Everylook Appears by Makeup Tutorials at
Style short hair in less than a couple of minutes

image via  One Little Momma

If you’ re sporting the popular short angled frank, an easy way to dramatically define your angled look would be to straighten it! This will give your hairstyle some a lot appreciated edge and definition.

12. The particular Pixie

How to Rock A Pixie | Brown Haircuts by Makeup Tutorials at
This pixie highlights Charlize Theron’ s subtle face features.

image via  Fox Mag

Pixie cuts are great for females with subtle face features and fine hair. To create, make sure you have some hairstyling products (gel, pomade, etc . )   with you because that’ s practically all you’ re going to need for a haircut like this.

thirteen. Wavy Layered Hair

How to Curl Brief Hair | Wavy Hair Tips by Makeup Lessons at
Sexy up your short hair with some waves

image via  Keiko Lynn

A great and easy method to give edge to a short layered hairstyle is to just add waves to it. To get this style, check out this particular tutorial .

14. Slicked Back

How to Do Shailene Woodley Short Hair | Haircut Tips by Make-up Tutorials at
Shailene Woodley looks so pretty with slicked back hair.

image via  Latest-Hairstyles

This clean and sleek look is perfect for women with oblong faces. Keep the hair straight, parted at the side plus slicked back to accentuate your beautiful facial features.

15. Halle’ s Pixie

How to Rock A Pixie for Black Hair | Trendy Looks by Makeup Tutorials at
Classic Halle Fruit.

image via  Beauty Editor

Exactly what else could we call this pixie cut apart from “ The Halle”? Halle Berry is the poster kid of this now-popular hairstyle, so we have to pay homage. To make softer the look, add height at the top and let the fringes hang appearance on the forehead. Basically, just do whatever Halle really does.

16. Bouffant with Long Fringes

How to Do Bouffant for Short Brown Hair | 2015 Short Hairstyles by Makeup Lessons at
Taylor Swift loves her bouffant.

picture via  Style Craze

When it comes to formal hairstyles for brief hair, the bouffant is an undeniable classic. To do this appear, start by teasing the hair to add volume and create the bouffant, then let some hair hang loose in the front side for an elegantly minimalist look.

17. The  Shark

How to Make Short Hair Edgy | Hair cut Tips by Makeup Tutorials at
Be rocker chic using this edgy look

image via  Zetwet

For women who like the bold and edgy look, the particular Shark is perfect. Just section the hair on top and form it like the dorsal fin of a shark. (You may indeed need a bigger boat. )

18. Awesome and Chic

How to Do Jennifer Lawrence Brief Hair | Celebrity Inspiration by Makeup Tutorials in
Remain poised yet cool with this do.

image via  Fashionisers

This look is another take on short hair styles. Here, the hair is cut longer at the front and smaller at the back. The secret here is the initial cut and then the way you choose to define those layers. A straightening iron is going to be needed in order to tease the crown and add some description.

19. Razored Short Hair

2015 Trendy Hair styles for Short Hair | Emma Watson Looks simply by Makeup Tutorials at
Emma Watson is stunning with brief hair.

image via   Hairstyles Weekly

Make your beautiful face shine with this razored new hair-do. If done right, this type of cut won’ t require much styling as the geometric lines do all the work to suit your needs.

20. The Victory Roll

How to Curl Short Hair with Styling Iron | Bangs Tips by Makeup Tutorials in
Be unique with this short hairstyle technique.

image via  Mod Cloth

If a classic look is what you’ re going for, what better hair to do it with than the Victory Roll? Don’ t allow the pictures fool you, this hairstyle is incredibly easy to recreate. To try it for yourself, check out the  tutorial .

twenty one. Pushed-back Bangs

Super Easy to Style Pixie Hair | Everyday Look by Makeup Tutorials at
Jennifer Hudson appears great in a pushed back, pixie haircut.

image via  British. co

So , you initially believed bangs were a good look, then immediately regretted this once the deed was done (we’ ll all already been there! ). It’ s okay – just force them back and forget they ever existed! Pushed back again bangs are the fastest way to a new hairstyle and fantastic look.

22. Twist and Turn

Easy plus Quick Short Hairstyles | DIY Hair by Make-up Tutorials at
Four different easy hairstyles for short locks

image via  Ms Labelle Mel-YouTube

Add oomph to your short-to-medium hair with some methods and twists. It’ s amazing what you can do with easy twisting! Watch the full tutorial here .

23. Rocker Chic

Very Short Hairstyles for Girls and Lady | 2015 Hairstyles by Makeup Tutorials at
Don’ capital t hold back, bring out the rocker in you.

image via   Zetwet

If you’ lso are a rocker at heart then this is the look for you! Inform your stylist to shorten the back and sides, but keep a little more on top so you can pull your hair up and back again like this.

24. Vintage  Bob

How to perform Vintage Short Hair | Celebrity Hairstyles by Make-up Tutorials at
Rita Ora goes vintage with her brief hair.

image via  Pretty Hairstyles

Give a shout out to the 60’ s with this classic bob. There’ s a mix of curling and simple whack drying to get this easy style.

twenty five. Keepin’ It Simple

How to Do Simple Taylor Swift Brief Hair | Celebrity Looks by Makeup Tutorials in
Occasionally, Taylor Swift likes to keep it simple.

picture via  Short Hair Concept

Maybe you just need a simple, daily hairstyle. This simple short hairstyle is easy to achieve and can give you a “ done up” look every time. Just get a blow dryer and your handy dandy round hairbrush to have the look.

26. Sexy Bob

Best Short Haircuts for Black Women | Sexy Bobs by Makeup Tutorials at
Rihanna looks oh-so-sexy in this split short hair bob.

image via  Bakuland

This sexy bob screams sophisticated and attractive all at the same time! (Or is that just Rihanna? ) To do this style, make sure to add volume to your hair.

27. French Knots

Easy Short Hairstyle at Home | DIY Hair styles by Makeup Tutorials at
Doing simple France knots greatly add style to short hair.

image via  Brit. co

Whether you’ re going to a party or the grocery store, this easy fifty percent up-half down look has you covered. To learn how to France knot your own hair, check out the tutorial  here .

Brief hair can be just as versatile (and sometimes, less pesky) than long hair. On days when you’ lso are running short on time or just need some hairspiration, stick to these easy-to-recreate tutorials. These ideas will turn your own love-hate relationship with short hair   into one that’ s filled with love. Which one of these was your favorite brief hairstyles?

Need some more inspiration? Take a look at our  other post on short hair –   Hairstyles for Short Hair . If you have medium hair or are in the process of developing out your short hair, don’ t miss our 17 Medium Haircuts   for more ideas.

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Editor’ s Note – This post was originally released in May  2015 and has been updated for high quality and relevancy.

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