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twenty three Fanatastic Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Ombre hair is here to stay and to make sure you don’ t miss out on one of hair color’ s hottest styles, we’ ve put together this list of amazing ombre tresses colors to inspire your next look!

twenty three Inspiring Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Want to know the best part of the ombre hair trend is its versatility plus ridiculously easy maintenance!   With this hairstyle, you can be summertime ready and always look your best with a low-maintenance hair.

Tips and advice to naturally condition and care for your hair.


Don't let yourself get caught short with dull colour and unruly hair.

1 . Lilac with Blonde

DIY Long Violet Blonde Hair | ombre locks Makeup Tutorials

Ombre hair can be bold, or not. The choice is your own and the possibilities are endless. If going with a bold, vivid colored look, pair your hue with an opposing colour for hi def contrast.

2 . Invert Ombre

Reverse Blonde Brown Ombre | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials
image  via

Ombre hair doesn’ t need to follow the standard dark-to-light gradient. Switch it up by heading from light-to-dark with this look! This hairstyle is an assured head turner.

3. Dreamy Ombre Glowing blue

Unique Black Blue Ombre | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials
image  via

Go bold with this stunning dreamy look! The perfect color for naturally dark curly hair, this ombre blue is the perfect look for any season!

4. Pink  Ombre Ribbons

Blonde with Bright Pink Highlights | ombre hair Make-up Tutorials

image  via

The best part about this ribboned look is that it’ s not really overwhelming and can be modified with your favorite color! The most popular hues are mint, lavender, baby blue, and turquoise. This look is perfect for blonde or dark-haired gals!

5. Effortlessly Cool Ombre

Straight Blonde Color for Brunettes | ombre hair Make-up Tutorials

We are huge, HUGE suckers for this entire look. The particular bold contrast from dark to light just shouts “ Effortlessly cool! ” This style is easy to keep and gives you an instantly done-up look regardless of what you decide to pursue with it.

6. Juxtaposed Ombre

Dramatic Teal Ombre for Summer | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials

image  via

Not for the faint of heart, this look is best reserved for your bold and courageous. A beautiful hair color that is certain to grab everyone’ s attention.

7. Daily Blonde-Caramel Ombre

Light Caramel Look for Drop | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials

image  via

This ombre look is good for everyday, casual wear. The blonde is bold enough to stick out, yet still suitable  for any occasion and outfit.

8. Perfectly Blonde Ombre

Lauren Conrad Blonde Ombre | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials

image  via

We love Lauren Conrad and would gladly refer to her as being a beauty icon of our time. In this look, Lauren properly adapts the ombre trend to suit her own style plus hair color. To make this look your own, stay within the selection of your hair’ s natural color and enjoy!

9. Smoldering Red Ombre

Best DIY Burgundy Ombre Look | ombre hair Make-up Tutorials

image  via

This beautiful red ombre look gives off a smoldering, perishing embers color. We love the dark hue and really feel this is the perfect combination of bold and delicate.

10.   Pink Ombre Locks

Celebrity Pink Colored Hair | ombre hair Makeup Lessons

image  via

Demi Lovato can spot a hair trend from a kilometer away. This look is absolutely beautiful and perfect for gals that are on the fence in regards to bright-colored locks. The best part about this design, is that it pairs well with any skin tone, haircut, plus occasion!

11. The Fiery Ombre Seem

Short Dramatic Red Orange Locks | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials

image  via

This look is the perfect search for our short-haired gals! The best way to change it up this summer is definitely by going bold with this fiery red ombre locks color. With this style, you’ ll be giving sunlight a run for its money!

12.   Princess Purple Hair

Lauren Conrad Long Lavender Hair | ombre hair Makeup Lessons

image  via

This particular hairstyle is so ridiculously beautiful. We absolutely love the strong violet to lilac gradient! This hair color is most effective with any and every skin tone! Try this look and we assure you’ ll feel like a magical fairy princess.

13. Ecaille Ombre

Ombre-3-Resize-OPT ombre hair

image  through

Also known as the “ Tortoiseshell, ” this look is really a sophisticated take on the ombre hairstyle. Incorporating only wealthy golden and amber brown hues, the ecaille seem is a mixture of balayage and ombre and is perfect for functioning gals or those who want a lighter take on a daring hair trend.

14.   Coral Mermaid Hair

DIY Pastel Color Ombre | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials

image  through

This coral hair trend is here now to stay with this beautiful mermaid, pastel coral ombre seem. The perfect color complement to light-brown hair, one day using this hairstyle will leave you singing “ Under the Sea” the entire day.

15.   Black, Purple and Stunning

Rainbow Black Purple Hair | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials

image through

We adore this multi-hued ombre look. While it’ s not as maintenance-friendly as additional hair colors, this look is so fantastical and wonderful, we’ re left wondering when an unicorn will enter the picture.

16.   Natural Brown Ombre Hair

Natural Ombre Look for Long Locks | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials

image  via

We totally understand – sometimes you just want to change up your hairstyle without going vibrant and wild. That’ s where this look comes into play. The right variation of the ombre  hair trend, this natural dark brown look is perfect for a hairstyle that  is subtle, however different.

17.   Rainbow Bright Ombre

Rainbow Teal Pink Hair | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials

image  via

And if the subtle look isn’ capital t for you, then this definitely is! The perfect combination of brilliant shades, this look is for the bold, daring, and those wanting the dramatic change.

18. Yellow Ombre

Dramatic Fall Highlights | ombre hair Makeup Lessons

image  via

This particular color is perfect for transitioning from Summer to Fall along with. This look goes best with dark-haired gals and appears great when worn up or down!

19. Reverse Orange Ombre

Reverse Orange Ombre for Long Hair | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials

image  via

Bold, yet wearable, this is the perfect search for those wanting to live it up this summer!

twenty. Silver Pastel Ombre

Gray Pastel Ombre | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials

image via

This look is so feminine, classy and beautiful. We love how well the reduce and color go together and how incredibly versatile this particular hair color is.

21. Vibrant Fuchsia Ombre

Unique Plum Rose Ombre | ombre hair Makeup Tutorials

It’ s incredibly easy for all of us to get lost in the softness that is this ombre seem. The fuchsia is so pretty, just looking at it makes all of us feel like a princess. Imagine having this every day?

22. Caramel Ombre Hair

Ombre-2-Resize-OPT ombre hair

image  via

This look is so elegant plus adds just the right amount of color, giving off a shimmery appear perfect for those golden summer nights.

twenty three. Discrete Ombre

Ombre-Resize-OPT ombre hair

image  via

This look is a natural approach to what can be considered a good unnatural hair color. The discrete ombre look provides just enough colour to change your style without sacrificing your personality.

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