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two Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

To the hunt for quick makeup for work tutorials? These make-up tutorials are easy to follow and will cut your morning elegance routine in half… or more!

Quick Make-up for Work Tutorials for Women On-The-Go

Dealing with the daily doldrums of waking up early in the morning with regard to work and getting your hair and makeup done as fast as you are able to is something that can get annoying over time… especially if you overlooked decent beauty sleep the night before. But never fright, ladies! We come bearing with makeup for function tutorials that you can create in half the time and, with fifty percent the effort too. After these quick makeup   for work tutorials, you’ ll look more than ready for any work day!


1 . Lauren Curtis’ Work/Office Tutorial
Lauren Curtis' Work/Office Tutorial | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

Lauren Curtis is one of the YouTube vloggers that I enjoy. Her tutorials are easy-to-follow, and they’ re enjoyable to watch too. Her fast makeup for work or office look  will take less than 10 minutes . But the finished look will make you look glowing plus energized to take on the day! Here are the steps:


Step 1 : Prime

  Apply primer | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

Start by priming the face. Using primer   will help improve your makeup’ s lasting power. You’ lmost all need your makeup to stay throughout the day with little in order to no touch-ups necessary.


Step 2: Apply foundation

Apply foundation | Quick Makeup Designed for Work Tutorials

When it’ s work day,   it’ s best that you choose light to medium insurance as to not make your makeup show up too heavy. I know some women would prefer using a tinted lotion or BB cream instead. But if you want more insurance, using foundation is okay as long as you start with little amount and just function your way into the coverage you need.


Step 3: Apply concealer

Apply concealer | Quick Make-up For Work Tutorials

Apply concealer   under the eye, chin, corners of the lips, and the sides of the nasal area (if needed). This will give a bit of dimension since you’ re highlighting these areas of your face with a concealer that’ s lighter than your complexion.


Step 4: Apply setting powder

Apply setting natural powder | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

Now that your foundation and concealer are usually blended, set it with a setting powder . We highly recommend that you use environment powder right after foundation and concealer for long-wear.


Step 5: Apply rose

Apply blush | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

For work days, stick to lighting pink or peach shades for your blusher. You don’ t want your makeup to look over-the-top. That does mean that it’ s best to leave the contouring to get other days. Plus, contouring will take more time to do. Anyway, apply the blush as usual on the apples of the cheeks with a blusher brush .


Step 6: Complete your brows

Fill in your brows | Quick Makeup Intended for Work Tutorials

Even if you’ re in a hurry, never forget to fill in your brows! You are able to forget your eyeshadow or eyeliner, but never the particular eyebrows. So start by cleaning the brows and then filling it along with your brow product of choice. It’ s best to maintain the eyebrows looking natural for a work day so let’ h save those Instagram eyebrows   for special occasions.


Step 7: Apply eyeshadow base

Apply eyeshadow foundation | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

Do you have oily skin? Does your eyeshadow often crease during the day? If yes, you need to put on an eyeshadow base first. A few women can skip this step, but if you have seconds in order to spare, we recommend that you do this step to help keep your eye shadow in place all day.


Phase 8: Apply eyeshadow

Apply eyeshadow | Quick Makeup Intended for Work Tutorials

For an daily work look, stick to light shadows or neutral dark areas. Apply the eyeshadow with your finger or an eye shadow brush. Apply all over the lids. You can add a bit of that eye shadow on the inner corners of the eyes for a brightening impact. Now blend that eyeshadow into the crease.

If you want to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter, you may use a nude-colored eye pen and apply along the waterline.


Step 9: Apply mascara

Apply wimperntusche | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

Make those eyes pop by applying wimperntusche on the top and bottom lashes.


Step 10: Apply lip color

Apply lip colour | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

To complete the look, apply your lip colour of choice. For this look, go for nude lipsticks or lighting pink shades.


For the complete step-by-step, watch this video:



2 .   Danielle Mansutti 5-Minute Makeup Tutorial for Work

Danielle Mansutti 5-Minute Make-up Tutorial for Work | Quick Makeup For Function Tutorials

If you liked our own first look, you’ ll also love this one. Danielle Mansutti successfully completed the girl 5-minute makeup challenge and it’ h a look  that we’ re all going to depend on pretty soon. Check out this quick makeup for work that will won’ t take long as drinking your early morning coffee.


Step 1 : Utilize foundation

Apply foundation | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

If you’ re actually in a hurry, you can skip the priming (you’ ll have to wait for it dry). Go ahead and apply foundation with a sponge or foundation brush .


Step 2: Apply concealer

Apply concealer | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

Apply concealer under the eyes and other areas you want to conceal.


Step 3: Apply powder

Apply natural powder | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

Simply get a powder brush and start dabbing the powder all over the face. This helps keep your face make-up in place.


Step 4: Complete the brows

Fill in the brows | Quick Makeup Intended for Work Tutorials

Doing your eyebrows will definitely take longer, which is why it is always a good idea to make sure they are shaped plus trimmed regularly. This way, if you’ re in a hurry, you are able to just fill them in quickly. To fill in your own brows, we suggest using an angled brush or a good angled tip brow pencil for easier application plus drawing.


Step five: Apply bronzer

Apply bronzer | Quick Makeup For Function Tutorials

Depending on your skin strengthen, you can apply blush or bronzer. One of the most awesome reasons for having tanned skin is that you can just use bronzer and you’ ll look  glowing instantly! On the other hand, when you have fair skin, apply a light blush.


Step 6: Apply mascara

Apply mascara | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

Curl those lashes and apply your favorite wimperntusche.


Step 7: Emphasize

Highlight | Quick Makeup For Work Tutorials

Appy highlighting powder on the crease, cheekbones, bridge of nose, and inner corner of the eye.


Step 8: Utilize lip color

Apply your lip color | Quick Make-up For Work Tutorials

Once again, for everyday looks, pick a more natural lipstick color. It won’ t harm to pick a lippy with a sprinkle of color as long as it doesn’ t create a good overpowering look.


You’ re done! If you want to check out the video, watch beneath:

Mornings won’ t end up being stressful and with these 2 quick makeup for function tutorials! Now you have time to do other things you love, such as sleep in! Can we get a “ woo-woo”? Virtually anybody ., we really shouldn’ t spend our first hour each morning doing our hair and makeup. Thankfully, these quick makeup looks are life savers and you’ ll still appearance fabulous at work with much less  effort!

Do you have your go-to work look? How rapidly do you do them? We’ d like to hear a person in the comments section below!

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Editor’ s Note – This post was initially published in June 2015 and has been updated just for quality and relevancy.

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