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View the Newest Products in the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Line

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Do you know what this means: new additions to your growing collection of Jeffree Celebrity Cosmetics!

In the past couple of YouTube videos he’ s posted, Jeffree Star has been teasing us along with new Spring 2016 products in his Jeffree Star Cosmetic makeup products line! This was followed with the release of two brand new velour liquid lipstick shades — Scorpio and Gemini — which sold out in a matter of seconds.

Fans, which includes us, got excited when Star tweeted that he will be releasing a video in which he’ d swatch his latest shades of lipstick and Skin Frost highlighters (finally! ).

And so he did, beauties. Jeffree finally posted the swatch video and in it, a person won’ t just see the great Star himself, yet you’ ll also meet the executive assistant of  Jeffree Star Cosmetics , Alicia. Alicia will be demonstrating how his products look upon darker skin shades . Who’ s ready to take a look at the newest improvements to our growing list of beauty addictions?

The very first new shade he swatched is called Went up Matter . It’ s a soft pink that edges on coral, and is one Jeffree has featured on his Instagram . Superstar claims the lippie has a root beer float scent.


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Rose Matter | Image via Jeffree Star

Following one up is Gemini , but that has already been launched on his Cosmetics site. It’ s a warm terracotta-nude and also smells like a root beer float. This color is currently sold out, but Star tweeted that it’ lmost all be back soon!


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Gemini | Image via Jeffree Star

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