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Ways to get Loose Curls Without Going to The Salon

Ways to get loose curls without going to the salon? Is that even feasible? Yes, it is and I’ m here to show you ways.

How to Get Loose Curls Without the Twisting

If you’ ve been trying to recreate the particular wavy hair at home, then you’ ve probably noticed a dozen YouTube videos on how to get loose curls demonstrating the same technique– the one where you twist your hair around a styling iron. Well, we have a better technique to share with you today plus yes girl, no more twisting! In fact , you don’ big t even have to use a curling iron, your good ol’ hair straightener will do. Do I have your unwavering attention now? If you are, let’ s begin!

What You’ lmost all Need:

  • T3 SinglePass Luxe Flat Iron
  • Schwarzkopf Crystal Glow and Hold Heat Protectant Spray
  • Ouai Texturizing Squirt
  • Ouai Soft Hair Spray


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Step 1 :   Practice with the hair straightening iron turned off.

Practice with the flat iron turned off | How to Get Loose Curls Without Going to The Salon

Since this will be a new technique to a person, it’ s best to practice it first with the hair straightener turned off.   So how do you do this?

Begin by holding the flat iron over your head and pointing the particular flat iron downward. Now get a section of your hair and cover it around the barrel once (similar to the curling metal technique). When you get to the back, pull it through the china. Clip the plates together and slide it via.

You can choose to wrap the hair towards or even away from your face and you can clamp the hair as loose or even as tight as you want. If you feel like you’ ve mastered the technique, you can start curling!


Step 2: Section and curl.

Section and Snuggle | How to Get Loose Curls Without Going to the Salon

Now it’ s time to area your hair and prepare for proper curling. It is always recommended to begin curling the bottom part of your hair first. Don’ t miss to apply a hair heat protectant first before using the hair straightener. So take one section and follow the technique a person practiced– wrap, pull, clip, and slide! You can change between curling towards or away from the face.

Take one section and follow the technique you practiced– wrap, pull, clip, and slide! You can switch in between curling towards or away from the face.

Curl both sides from the hair | How to Get Loose Curls Without Going to the Salon

When you’ re carried out with the side you started with, you can now move on to styling the other side of the hair.


Step 3: Spray and scrunch.

Spray and scrunch | Ways to get Loose Curls Without Going to the Salon

So now that your hair is completely curled, you have to provide more texture and help lock it in place longer wear. Spray texturizing hairspray on your hair, making sure in order to spray the hard to reach places. After spraying, scrunch the head of hair to accentuate the curls more.


And there you go! Check out the completed look here:

 | How to Get Loose Curls Without having Going to The Salon


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You can view the full tutorial from Kayley Melissa here:

How to get loose curls? You’ ve obtained this one in the bag curl! I’ m so joyful I found this loose curls hairstyle tutorial for numerous reasons. For one, I don’ t have to bring the flat iron and curling iron with me when I travel! 2nd, I’ m not really fond of the twisting technique. I usually accidentally touch the barrel and that’ s not really cool! And lastly, I love the final result! I get the ideal size waves I want with less effort too! So what are you waiting for girl? Try this technique now and make sure you look cool this summer !

Do you know other ways to get loose curls? Feel free to share us your technique in the comments area below!

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Editor’ t Note – This post was originally published on The month of january 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevance.

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