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Ways to Look Younger With Hair | Avoid These seven Hair Mistakes

Do you want to know how to look younger? Guess what, it’ s i9000 not just about your skin; your hair can say a lot regarding your age too. So to avoid looking older than you are, prevent these hair mistakes at all cost!

How to Appearance Younger: Hair Do’ s and Don’ ts Whenever Aging

They don’ t just declare ‘ your hair is your crowning glory’ for no obvious reason. It has become a common adage because it’ s i9000 the truth. Our hair doesn’ t only help framework our face, it also complements our skin and can instantly get years off our age. This is precisely why we need to care for our hair and make sure we style it in a way that can make all of us look younger. If you want to know how to look younger with your tresses, check out these 7 hair mistakes you must avoid!


Tips and advice to naturally condition and care for your hair.


Don't let yourself get caught short with dull colour and unruly hair.

Mistake #1: Super Lengthy Hair

Super Long Hair | How to Look More youthful With Hair | Avoid These 7 Hair Mistakes
image via Slodive

Lengthy beautiful hair is sexy, but super long tresses is crazy! Hair length that goes past the steak will definitely make you look older. Hence, it’ s time for you to ditch the cat-lady look and opt for a short frank instead. If you’ re not fond of really brief hair, hair length 1 to 2 inches past the chin great too. But whatever you do, never go for a hair style that’ s shorter in front and longer at the back.


Mistake #2: Long Slim Hair

Long Thin Hair | How to Look More youthful With Hair | Avoid These 7 Hair Mistakes
image via Sixty and Me

Don’ t get me wrong, I love Meryl Streep, yet her hair is obviously thinning with age. Truth is, in case your hair starts to thin,   long hair isn’ big t the way to go. It is best to go for brief hairstyles , a long bob, or one that has levels and depth.


Error #3: Middle  Part Hairstyle

Middle Part Hairstyle | How to Look Younger With Hair | Avoid These types of 7 Hair Mistakes
picture via Yahoo

The middle part hairstyle is Sarah Jessica Parker’ s go-to hairstyle. She really loves separating her hair dead in the center. I’ ve noticed her do a side part and I think it suits the girl better. When you’ re aging, middle parting plus severe side parting can make you look older. Instead, perform soft irregular parting and change the part every now and then. This really is more flattering. Additionally , having bangs can also make you appearance younger.


Mistake #4: Very Dark Hair

Very Dark Hair | Methods to Look Younger With Hair | Avoid These seven Hair Mistakes
image through Entertainment Land

Angelina Jolie as Salt is an icon in my experience. I loved her transformation from blond to plane black hair and it was a time I wanted to change the hair color too. But the fact is, very dark curly hair color will add years to your look. It’ h quite evident with Angelina in the photo above. Therefore , what’ s the correct hair color then? Going up a tone or two from your natural hair color is a good begin. However , if you want to add more depth and dimension for your hair, having more than one color is a must. This means getting highlights or blending highlights with demi-permanent hair colour is key to looking younger.


Mistake #5: Too Much  Volume

Too A lot Volume | How to Look Younger With Hair | Avoid These 7 Hair Mistakes
image via Visual Makeover

It’ s the 21st century, let’ s keep the crazy teasing in the 70s shall we? Old women, due to hair thinning, feel like they always need to include height and volume to their hair. Well, teased tresses will actually make you look older. It is best to use volumizing hair products that will add volume to your hair is to do away with the teasing… forever!


Mistake #6: Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair | How to Look Younger With Hair | Avoid These types of 7 Hair Mistakes
image via Garnier

Damaged hair will never look great and it will never feel good too. Moreover, damaged hair can make you look older! Since we don’ t wish that, chop off the damaged part of your hair. Sport the shorter hairstyle. But if you really want long hair, we recommend your get hair extensions instead. Extensions add fullness towards the hair and hair will look healthier and shinier too… which helps make you look younger!


Mistake #7: Wrong Shampoo

Wrong Hair shampoo | How to Look Younger With Hair | Prevent These 7 Hair Mistakes
image via Bre Pea

Just like with skin, you need to care for your hair more now that you’ re older. Common shampoo won’ t cut it. Your hair will need a lot more TLC. Apply hair face mask to deep condition at least once a week. Make use of color protecting shampoo especially if you get your hair colored. Use thermal protectant to protect hair from heat. Your hair should look soft and full so you really need an effective haircare regimen.


REWARD: Heavy Makeup

Heavy Makeup | How to Look Youthful With Hair | Avoid These 7 Hair Mistakes
image via  The Fashion Spot

Let’ s take it from Giuliana Rancic, shall we? Large makeup is never good! Since hair and make-up go hand-in-hand, you’ ll still look older along with heavy makeup even if you’ ve got the best hair.

There’ s always a tendency regarding older women to overdo their makeup because they attempt to cover the wrinkles, fine lines, crow’ s ft and other signs of aging.   Nevertheless, there’ s do not need go crazy on the eyeliner or pack on the eye shadow. That will only make you look a lot older! Instead, choose a foundation that provides the best coverage for mature skin , accentuate the eyes plus lips, and go light everywhere else.


Now that you know what hair errors to avoid, let’ s take a look at the makeup mistakes that can help you older. Check out these tips from Hot and Fancy:

Aging is a natural procedure we will all go through. Although we accept that fact, that will won’ t stop us from trying to look more youthful. Remember ladies, in order to look good, you have to feel good, and vice versa. Having thinner hair, sagging skin, and good lines can dampen your confidence… but you shouldn’ big t let it. Be proactive in making sure you always look great and maintain learning new ways on how to look younger the natural way. Whenever you’ re confident, your youthful glow will naturally come out!

Are you guilty of any of these hair mistakes? Do you have additional tips on how to look younger? We surely want to hear a person in the comments section below!

While makeup can help accentuate your beauty, nothing is better than healthy and glowing skin. If you haven’ t began your skincare regimen, check out these 7 Tips to Build the Perfect Skincare Regimen Regarding Mature Skin !

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