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We all Tried the ChinUp Mask + Here’s What Happened

From sheet masks to BB and CC creams , we’ ve incorporated plenty of Asia’ s best-selling beauty products and introduced them to the particular American market. Along with skin care and cosmetic products, United states retailers have also taken note of the beauty standards far away.

In the last couple of years, demand has risen for the more defined (“ V-shaped” ) chin and jawline in Asian countries. In addition to cosmetic procedures, beauty brands abroad possess introduced non-surgical facelift alternatives, like serums and products, that promote a more pointed jawline. While the chin offers typically not been an area of concern in the U. Ersus., American retailers are now aware of the “ V-line” trend and creating products that help women achieve a crisper jawline, like the ChinUp Mask.

What exactly is ChinUp Mask?

Here’ s what we should heard about this product: Based in the U. K., ChinUp Mask is an affordable plus non-invasive alternative to a facelift. Designed to diminish the appearance of the double chin or saggy neck in as little as 30 minutes, this particular firming mask can be used as a quick fix or a long-term answer to a firmer, more defined jawline. Because Dermstore may be the first online retailer to carry this product, we were excited to end up being one of the first few to try it.   To find out how well it works on people across different age groups and skin concerns, we reached out to 6 Dermstore team members to take part in a little experiment.  

Our Verdict

To our shock, all participants reported at least a 1-centimeter difference within their jawline, half reported a 2-centimeter difference. On a size of 1 to 10, 10 being very uncomfortable, the typical discomfort level came out to be a 4. Here’ s a few noteworthy feedback we received from our participants, along with  before and after  shots.

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Take note: These photos have not been re-touched or edited.  

“ Since somebody who has had liposuction surgery on their chin, this was a far easier approach. Not to mention, far less costly & not almost as painful . ” Male, 34

“ I have tried creams, yet never a mask like this.   Though my outcome was minimal, I definitely noticed that my skin was harder and had a tightened feel. ” Female, 41

“ It was easy for concept, yet putting it on was a bit difficult. It wasn’ t comfortable to use, especially around the ears sections. I believe this product would be best when laying down vs . sitting due to the positioning. ” Female, 28

“ I think the most challenging part was the tightness from the wrap around my head and the fact that it was tough to have the cloth to stick to my chin area with the beard. ” Male, 46  

“ The results were more apparent in the mirror than they were on camera in that the location just below my chin was really smooth afterwards. And the two centimeter difference, although it doesn’ t sound like much, has been definitely noticeable. ” Female, 25

  The Takeaway

Although it wasn’ t the most comfortable or even flattering thing to wear, you can definitely multi-task, cook, workout or, in our case, work while using the mask. We most likely won’ t wear this on a daily basis, but we can certainly see ourselves using this before a night on the town, or some kind of special occasion that requires a photo op. To maintain results, the brand name recommends using the mask at least twice a week. If you’ re looking to flaunt a smoother jawline in 2017, the ChinUp Mask is a great product to try. But we can’ t guarantee that you’ ll look like a K-pop star afterwards…

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