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What exactly is Frankincense Essential Oil and How to Use It

As most of my friends know, it’ s almost impossible to catch me without a few important essential oils in my bag, though these tend to modify with the seasons, and with the guidance of intuition. Lately, nevertheless , as the days draw short, there is one warm, soothing essence that I’ m drawn to again and again— both for myself, and when working with clients in the therapy room— frankincense. This incredible healing resin, revered amongst holistic healers for thousands of years, has the ability to help so many of us right this moment. It’ s an energy cleanser and an immunity enhancer, renowned for its ability to heal wounds and to ease anxiety and stress.  

Plus there are plenty of easy ways to infuse this sacred frankincense power into your days. At home you might use a couple of drops associated with frankincense essential oil on a hot towel for steam breathing or to moisten the skin. You might apply the oil in order to pressure points before meditation, or before sleep, or even at anytime during the day when you are simply ready to relax. In the same way, frankincense powder brings a transporting ethereal luxury to a comfortable bath, as does burning the raw resin because incense in a brazier. Of course , frankincense is also one of the most powerful skin-rejuvenating ingredients in my Quintessential Serum blend,   an ultra-concentrated nutritive serum that also enhances the skin’ s natural hurdle, sealing in benefits and protecting delicate tissues through environmental factors.

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Frankincense has an earthy, warm vibration that I’ ve found matched by a simple warming elixir I’ ve been enjoying most mornings and, honestly, which I’ ve been sipping throughout the day. It’ s made from fresh new juiced turmeric root and ginger root blended in to hot water with whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, manuka honies and a big squeeze of lemon. (You can also grate or slice the two roots if juicing is not an alternative. ) The blend is enlivening, bright, golden plus sweet— and delivers a wonderful dose of natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to protect skin and body. I really like everything about it— the way it looks in the cup pitcher, the spicy-sweet taste, the warmth of the connection Personally i think to the healing ingredients when I drink it. (In add-on, including a dash of cayenne can taste therefore right– and offer an extra healing boost– when suffering the cold. )

These days, I too am so drawn towards simpleness in almost every aspect of my life, paring down to the essentials, efficiency, even as it effects my daily meditation. Lately, I’ ve found myself making more time for sky-gazing lately, just gently connecting and reconnecting with the sky over, both morning and night. It doesn’ t obtain any simpler— or more spectacularly beautiful— than that.  

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