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Which usually Urban Decay Naked Palette Should You Buy?

Wondering which Urban Decay Naked Palette you need to invest in? Keep on reading for our favorites and best palettes.

Urban Corrosion Naked Palette | Makeup Tutorials http://makeuptutorials.com/urban-decay-naked-palette

Which Urban Decay Naked Palette Is perfect for You?

When it comes to  Urban Decay Naked palettes , any woman would certainly feel confused as to what kind of palette to buy. At first glance, the particular tones and colors in each palette seem much the same, which makes it harder to choose which one is the best for you. So if you’ re someone who feels overwhelmed by the options, but would like to get your hands on at least one of these eye makeup delights, don’ t be concerned! We’ ll help you find the one that’ s right for you. Let’ s get going!

Urban Decay Naked Essentials Palettes

Urban Corrosion Naked Palette Swatches Basics | Makeup Tutorials http://makeuptutorials.com/urban-decay-naked-palette
UD Naked Basics Palettes 1 & 2

image via  Temptalia

Are You A Naked Basics one Lady?

If you need an Urban Decay Nude palette that has six of the most neutral and basic tones you can use to pull off an effortless everyday makeup appear, the Naked Basics one palette is the one for you. It has four matte shades, a highlighting shade and a shimmery one particular, which means that you can really do a lot with this basic palette. The particular Naked Basics 1 is more warm-toned and women such as using the black shadow as an eyeliner. Plus, it’ s i9000 tiny so you can bring it around everywhere!

Probably You’ re a Naked Basics 2 Kind of Gal?

Coming from the same Basics line, the Nude Basics 2 palette is more cool-toned. The shades tend to be more grey and taupe in color and almost everything is within matte finish except for the highlighting shade in this Metropolitan Decay Naked palette. So if you’ re looking for a colour scheme for cooler skin tones, this is the one to pick.

Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Urban Decay Naked Palette Swatches | Makeup Tutorials http://makeuptutorials.com/urban-decay-naked-palette
The current Naked palettes from Urban Decay

image via  Temptalia

Is the Naked Original Palette What Your Center Desires?

As they say, nothing beats the original. The particular Naked 1 palette is a set with bronze-toned plus neutral eyeshadows that will complement any skin tone. At encounter value, it looks warm but when you mix the right colours, it can easily be used on cooler skin tones too. This palette is very versatile, allowing you to create soft in order to dramatic looks with a minimum amount of shades. This colour scheme is very flattering for women with blue or brown eye. It’ s also great for women with olive or even warm yellow skin tones.

Quick Update: We’ re giving away our 12-shade Nude Eye Colour scheme that is just as good as the naked palette if not much better – Click here to grab yours for free today!

A Cool Girl for the Cool Naked two Palette?

The Naked 2 Palette is definitely more cool-toned than it’ s predecessor. Unfortunately, this palette isn’ t an universal one and will only look good upon women with cool skin tones. There is also the challenge associated with using the colors correctly to avoid a bluish-toned finish. Nude 2 is best for daytime looks due to its taupe-toned colors. In case you have hazel or grey eyes and a neutral skin tone, this particular palette will work for you. For women with warm yellow epidermis tones, it’ s best to stay away from the Naked second .

Naked 3 for the Green-Eyed Ladies?

This palette isn’ t as universal factory-like, but it looks absolutely beautiful on women with a much cooler skin tone. The Naked a few palette is a rose-toned neutral eyeshadow colour scheme with 3 matte shades available. This palette can also be versatile, meaning you can use this for daytime looks plus dramatic evening looks. Women whose skin tone has red undertones should stay away from Naked 3, as well as women along with skin redness or rosacea.

Are You Ready For that New Naked Smoky Eye?

Urban Decay Naked Palette Smoky Appearance Ideas | Makeup Tutorials http://makeuptutorials.com/urban-decay-naked-palette
The new Urban Decay Smokey Palette

Beauty Update: Looking for a less expensive alternative? Check out our own FREE 12-shade smokey eye palette. Rich hues for any perfect night out. Click here to grab yours!

image via  Temptalia

Hear ye, hear ye! The newest palette from Metropolitan Decay is finally out. The majestic beauty of this particular palette was launched last July 8  and this is the must-have palette for every kind of smoky eye you want to create. This particular palette leans more on the cooler-toned shades with a mixture of beige, black and gray tones. The palette can also be arranged from the most to the least shimmery shadow. Using the Naked Smoky palette , the possibilities for dramatic eye makeup are endless!

So , which Urban Decay Naked Palette are you going to purchase? Have you made your decision yet? Once you do, feel free to rock and roll out with those beautiful colors everyday!

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Editor’ s Note – This post was originally released in August 2015 and has been updated for high quality and relevancy.

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