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You Will LOVE These 3 Makeup Brush Cleaning Hacks

Makeup brush cleaning is a simple process that we don’t do as often as we should! I am obsessed with these makeup brush cleaning hacks, and I can’t wait to share them with you guys. Check out the post below to learn how to keep your brushes good as new!

Sure you could head to your beauty supple store and pick up some cute makeup brush cleaners, but just know that the prices certainly won’t be cute.  If you check online you’ll notice that you’ll have to pay a pretty penny for these items, and trust me, many of them won’t last very long. Some, despite the price simply don’t do a very good job of cleaning your brushes at all.

Say goodbye to overpriced brush cleaners, and say hello to these amazing makeup brush cleaning hacks! I love how easy these tutorials are – not only do they take almost no time, but they’re also totally budget-friendly.

3 Effortless Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Dirty makeup brushes can cause more harm to your skin than you can even imagine. If you’re wondering why you are constantly breaking out, or why you acne seems to be getting worse, these little tools might very well be the culprit. Dirty brushes can affect your makeup application as well; product buildup can cause streaks and lines on your face. Most importantly though, keep in mind that dirty brushes are packed with germs which can enter the skin and cause irreparable damage.This is why it is so important to clean your brushes once or twice per week.

Makeup Brush Cleaning made easy


Hack #1: Clean ’em up

A simple mixture of  dish soap and lukewarm water is all you need to keep those brushes clean.

Hack #2: Keep ’em fluffy

Add your brushes to the solution and swish around to ensure all the gunk, oil and makeup is removed. Dip the brush brittle in the water with the handle of the brush between the palm of both hands; use a back and forth motion to keep brittles nice and  fluffy.

Hack #3: Hang ’em up

A hanger and a few scrunchies are all you need to create a neat little hanging rack to dry your makeup brushes.

let them air dry for a little while and voila,clean brushes!


Tried any of these easy makeup brush cleaning or have any to share? Tell us all about them in the comment section below.


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